At Deutsche Akademie für Deutsch Online we want to facilitate your learning so that it becomes a fully satisfactory experience. For this reason, we offer you these additional webinars with experts in the teaching of Spanish, as well as in the teaching of other languages and teacher training in general.


If you are registered at Deutsche Akademie, the Webinars are free for you for six months after your registration. You simply have to reserve a place a minimum of one week before the seminar at:

with your full name, email, teacher and your course (schedule, level and date), subject of the Webinar and date on which it will take place.

You can also send us requests about topics you want us to deal with to the same email address.
If you are not yet a student at Deutsche Akademie, you can register up to one week before the start of the Webinar by paying 15 Euros, provided there are still places available.

These Webinars will take place in the language indicated by the title, but they can also take place in other languages if you ask. The times indicated correspond with the Central European Summer Time:


If you are a language teacher or a teacher in general, we will also accompany you with various exclusive Webinars conceived just for you, so that you will receive resources and tools that will help you to overcome your challenges in the classroom satisfactorily and to continue teaching with motivation, creativity, efficiency, calm and joy.

To reserve your place, it is important that you register up to 2 weeks before the start of the Webinar. The price of the group webinar is only 15 euros. They will normally take place on the second Tuesday of each month from 6pm to 7:30pm.

The language of these Webinars will be the one that corresponds to their title. Next cycle:

Webinar for teachers
TUESDAY 08/12/2020
from 18:00 to 19:30
¿Qué supone realmente enseñar y aprender un idioma con éxito? Cómo promover una competencia comunicativa adecuada tanto a nivel lingüístico como cultural.

Webinar for teachers
TUESDAY 12/01/2021
from 18:00 to 19:30
La aplicación práctica de los avances de la neurodidáctica al aula, generando motivación e integración de conocimientos a largo plazo.

Webinar for teachers
TUESDAY 09/02/2021
from 18:00 to 19:30
Cómo dinamizar una clase para favorecer la asimilación del idioma extranjero a través del movimiento corporal y la teatralización en pequeña escala.

Furthermore, if you need to find solutions to specific individual questions as a German teacher, language teacher, educator or teacher in general, you can request a tailor-made advisory Webinar to:

and we will contact you to listen to your specific needs and agree on a day and time.
The duration of the individual tailor-made webinar is one hour and the price is 40 euros, preparation included.

If you request it by e-mail, you will receive your certificate of attendance digitally after each webinar, so that you can give added value to your curriculum.

Treat yourself to this time. You deserve it