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Training, workshops, webinars, advice and mentoring

At Deutsche Akademie we are committed to supporting schools, so that they can offer and teach languages in a satisfactory manner. We also mentor teachers, management team and staff.

Each school, entity or teaching centre has a different need and, therefore, we carefully study the individual needs, offering them tailor-made solutions.

Some of the most requested services are the following:

Accompaniment for schools to expand their language offerings or to complement and improve their German teaching service.

We advise on the specific needs of each school, namely class approach and structure, methodology, material, corrections, solutions to specific challenges, etc.

We help schools to select their German, English or Spanish teachers, according to their language level and ability to teach empathetically and successfully.

We can prepare the school’s teachers so that they can take the official test as official Telc examiners or we can go to their facilities to specifically prepare and examine the student body, making it easier for them to get an internationally recognized certificate.

We train teachers in a practical way so that they are able to start their classes successfully from the beginning and we offer feedback on the first stage of their classes.

Deutsch effektiv mit Freude unterrichten (DeF) Teaching German effectively and happily: a training in German and a unique opportunity to enjoy your profession more and acquire useful tools, which can also benefit you in your personal life.

Monthly conversation meetings and webinars for teachers to maintain a high level of the language. We also form tailor-made groups.

You will be able to participate in monthly meetings, designed to share your experiences, accompany you and help you find answers to your specific educational needs, as well as acquire new tools to facilitate the exercise of your profession, your daily life and personal satisfaction. You can choose to participate in the meetings that take place in German, Spanish or English.

To receive more information about the upcoming meetings, please send an email to:

If you are interested in:

  • German advice, official exams, German courses and German maintenance, kindly send your request to: info@deutsche-akademie-online.com
  • The selection of personnel, initial training and continuous training of teachers, meetings and workshops for schools, educators (Teaching, Education, Communication, and Well-being) we would appreciate if you send your request to: cristina.vinas@deutsche-akademie.com
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