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In DADO HispaLing we have a vocation for:

Below, we detail the most requested trainings, workshops and services, both live online and in person:

Teachers and Educators

A training of 12 hours ECJ (Educating with Efficiency, Calm and Joy) of practical and communicative character in which to acquire tools as an educator, to share experiences, to find solutions to the personal and familiar challenges and to renew the motivation and satisfaction, as much professional as personal.

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In addition to accompanying you as a language coach to facilitate greater self-confidence, better results and language fluency before entering end-of-grade oral exam presentations, we offer this practical 12-hour training for language teachers that can take place in English, German or Spanish, depending on the target language: JPT Joyful Practical Teaching.

You will be able to participate in monthly meetings, designed to share your experiences, accompany you and help you find answers to your specific educational needs, as well as acquire new tools to facilitate the exercise of your profession, your daily life and personal satisfaction. You will be able to choose whether you wish to participate in the meetings that take place in Spanish, English, Catalan or German.

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In HispaLing we have proven during our extensive experience that it is not enough to know a language well in order to communicate satisfactorily.

A conscious use of the words, tone and language we use, both in our mother tongue and in foreign languages, leads to a more satisfactory personal and professional life.

Body language also has a great relevance in what we communicate and convey. On the other hand, communicating satisfactorily is both mediating at specific moments respecting intercultural differences and listening without judging what the other feels and needs. From there, it is much more feasible to reach agreements that are favourable to both parties.

Therefore, we dedicate specific workshops in which we enjoy acquiring a greater awareness and coherence in the use of verbal and non-verbal language and develop a more satisfactory way of communicating and relating, both in personal and professional life. You can book them individually or in groups:

  • Peaceful communication: The power of words
  • Verbal and non-verbal language
  • The art of deep or active listening
  • Conflict resolution and reconciliation
  • Beyond words: What and how do we communicate?
  • Keys to successful language learning and teaching
  • Opening your eyes: The Pygmalion effect and the belief clock
  • Linguistic mediation, interculturality and interpretation
  • Communicate constructively between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters
  • Reaching favourable agreements (win-to-win)

In addition to being able to receive initial and ongoing training as a teacher, participate in ECJ (Educating with Efficiency, Calm and Joy) training, and attend specific Webinars, we also offer workshops aimed at more satisfactory teaching and education.

Here are some of the workshops offered:

  • Practical Neuropedagogy and Motivation
  • Teaching on the Move and Dramatization: Learning to Remember
  • Energizers for Online Classes
  • The connection as a background tune in the classroom (face-to-face or virtual)
  • The triangle of connection in the classroom: teacher-student-matter
  • Attention, function and heart-mindfulness in the classroom
  • A positive and realistic class structure
  • An Education for Knowledge and Life
  • Dual methodology: Combining the curricular with the personal
  • Using electronic devices without being used by them
  • Integrating knowledge: joy and celebration of learning
  • Practical techniques to facilitate as a teacher/coach
  • Joyful practical teaching (JPT)
  • Friendly Education: Educating and Teaching with Balance and Confidence
  • The degrees of fear and love in education
  • Opening your eyes: finding resources
  • The 10Cs allied to education

In DADO HispaLing we are aware that it is essential to take care of the person in order to be able to exercise the profession satisfactorily and also to be able to attend as best as possible as educators.
The positive and constructive attitude, with oneself, the family, the team, the students, etc. is essential in teaching, education and life in general.
This requires reserving one’s own spaces to rest, reflect, create, reorient, enjoy and thus renew one’s vocation for the profession.
For this reason, we organize workshop cycles in which you can share your experiences and acquire tools that cover the most varied topics such as:

  • Fine life, even “at high seas”
  • Attitude, that little big difference
  • Improve your world, change your language
  • Emotion-Art: Emotions as advisory allies
  • Smart daily life, smiling daily life
  • Resilience and re-creative writing: creating a new self-portrait
  • Creative ideas for healthy self-care
  • Maravill-art: An everyday art
  • The arithmetic of happiness
  • A Journey from Conflict to Reconciliation
  • International Longevity Secrets
  • Walking towards the smile
  • Heart-Mindfulness

Sometimes effort is not enough to obtain satisfactory learning results. At HispaLing we offer you specific advice tailored to your needs, whether they are pedagogical, organizational or linguistic, looking for solutions to your possible difficulties or helping you to organize and focus in a more motivating and satisfactory way, both for you and your results, whether in language learning or in general.

In DADO HispaLing we also offer “mentoring” and personalized advice to individuals, offering active listening so that they develop greater self-confidence and awareness of their resources and strengths, find their own solutions, supporting them in their objectives and providing them with specific and practical tools for their personal and professional challenges to facilitate greater satisfaction in all areas.

Practical training for teachers:


“Educating with Efficiency, Calm and Joy” (ECJ)

A cycle of independent monthly workshops that offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy your profession more and acquire tools that will make it easier for you:

Duration of Training and Workshops:

  • Duration of training: 12 hours online or in person: 2 hours x 6 days (online or in person) or 4 hours x 3 days (in person) or in a week-end crash course
  • Duration of workshops: 4 hours Online or face to face: 2 hours x 2 days (Online or face to face) or a 4 hour workshop (face to face)
  • Dates and times: To be agreed
  • More information at: cristina.vinas@deutsche-akademie.com


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