It is important to note that this test covers all levels, progresses progressively and is exclusively in the German language. We therefore recommend that you finish the test as soon as you feel that the exercises are too complicated.

Enjoy the test in peace. There is no time requirement. It is important to pay attention to the statements and instructions of each exercise as well as its content.

There is nothing to prove, just check what the next best learning stage would be. To start the test, press Zum Einstufungstest.

Each time you finish an exercise, press Weiter to continue with the next one. If you want to go back, press Zurück.

In the window at the top left you will find the list of questions, and you can access the tasks individually.

Once you have reached the last possible point in the test, click on Alles einreichen and you will receive an immediate e-mail with the results and a detailed test evaluation that you can also print out if you wish.

After 30 days your data will be completely deleted from the Ispring data file and will only be used to send you the results. We inform you that Deutsche Akademie will save your data and results so that we can better advise you for the course selection, unless you tell us otherwise.

Please remember to enter your name and the e-mail address to which you would like the results of the placement test to be sent. Press Einreichen after filling in both boxes (Name / E-Mail).

Good luck! Viel Erfolg!