Please contact us and, depending on your place of residence, we will tell you the next exam dates, the exact address and the steps to take.

No. Only what you can and as far as possible. You don’t have to prove anything. We just want to ensure that you have a satisfactory learning process and, to do this, it is important that you are on the right course. Sometimes it is better to have only a B1 with a solid base and correct communication than a B2 with a lack of base and quality in oral expression. We prepare you to make a good impression and open doors for you wherever you go.

It is always preferable to supplement your written test with an oral test and we will recommend the most suitable course for you based on the test results and your objectives. Since it is easier to acquire theoretical knowledge than to become fluent in conversation it is preferable to go to a lower course and ensure that you have a good basis for communicating with the maximum possible accuracy. Quality rewards German over quantity.

We will make it easy for you to change to a course that is suitable for your actual level. Sometimes, even if you have a certificate, you lose your level over time, which is why we always recommend level tests.

Yes, the minimum requirement is level B2. If you wish, you can add a specific individual course to improve your German level additionally. You can also request that the training be in your mother tongue. Please contact us and we can form a tailor-made group.

In German immersion. You will see that you will advance much faster in the assimilation of the language and that you will be able to understand and express yourself earlier than usual. Our teachers have specialized in being expressive and in various techniques and mnemonics that facilitate your understanding, even if you don’t understand everything at first.

Normally, students at Deutsche Akademie pass the courses thanks to our small classes, specialized and experienced teachers, tried, tested and proven methodology, personalized follow-up, additional consultation service and extra webinars for those who wish to intensify their learning.
If you attend the classes participating in them and carry out the tasks indicated, the usual thing is to pass the course. If this is not the case, it is important to repeat the course or at least request some extra classes to ensure that you pass to another course with a good level.

If there are places available at the other times, yes. Send us an email with your request, we will study/check it and contact you as soon as possible. If it is a private course, we ask students to consult directly with the teacher, personally, who will look into the possibility of changing the schedule according to his or her class planning.

It depends on each person. With our methodology the students start to communicate from the beginning and once they have finished the A level they can express themselves in the most important aspects. We recommend to reach at least level B1 to be able to communicate more satisfactorily.

It varies according to the universities but generally the level B2 is required.

Our students discover very soon that with our studied methodology it is possible to learn and have fun. Everyone counts in our classes and everyone participates in dynamic, interesting, practical and experiential proposals.

Yes, the good thing is that you will have received an intensive and personalized education with Deutsche Akademie for Deutsch Online, with a practical approach, so that you will be prepared to communicate successfully and to take advantage and enjoy even more of your stay in a German-speaking country. If you would like to study in Berlin, we can put you in direct contact, free of charge, with our partner school which is one of the most beautiful and competent in Germany and which will also provide you with various accommodation options.

In general, we will give you the option of joining another course, if you wish, or we will facilitate the course with a reduction of 15 minutes per session if there are 4 students and half an hour if there are 3, or transform the investment into private classes. If none of these 3 options is to the student’s liking, there is the possibility of requesting a refund.